WMC Training take our responsibilities to our learners, stakeholders and wider community very seriously. All of our staff are Mental Health first aiders and are available to our community at all times.

In addition, we offer all service users including learners and employers access to a free counselling service conducted by highly qualified, independent counsellors who are on hand to help you.

Our centre number is: 0800 6 44 68 77 and our staff are qualified to speak with you and refer you.

If you don’t feel able to speak to a member of the team, please complete the form at the bottom of this page and we will ensure you are contacted.

This is not an emergency service, if you feel that you are at risk you must inform the relevant services. However, this service has been followed by many of our community with great success. We urge you to take us up on this offer if you feel you need any help, no matter how minor or great it may seem.

Learners: For our full policies and procedures please refer to you learner handbook within your e-portfolio, or call us free: 0800 6 44 68 77

Employers: Please refer to your employer handbook, or call free on: 0800 6 44 68 77

Stakeholders: Please contact: 0800 6 44 68 77

In order to properly protect and serve our learners, employers, and stakeholders we have a comprehensive library of policies and procedures in place. These policies are reviewed and updated annually as part of our quality improvement plan and are available to our learners, clients and stakeholders on request.

We hope that you will never need them, however, we believe that our policies and procedures promote a healthy environment where learners and employers can prosper.

We want everyone who comes into contact with WMC Training to have a positive, inspiring experience. Our policies and procedures ensure that we effectively demonstrate our values and culture and meet our mission to be the natural choice for our sectors based upon the high quality of our provision and the relationships that we build with learners, employers, and stakeholders.

We strive to create an environment that is free of bullying, harassment, and discrimination of any nature. We simply will not tolerate behaviours that do not meet this vision. Our staff members are trained to help you if you feel you need it and the first step is to take action:

If you are a learner or employer who needs help, have a safeguarding issue that you need to report or an emergency during office hours, call our learner/employer helpline FREE: 0800 6 44 68 77.

If you feel you need help or support, have a safeguarding issue that you need to discuss or have an emergency out of hours please call us dialling 077 654 08 523

If you need us to help you under any of our policies or procedures please use the telephone numbers above immediately.

For all other inquiries regarding our policies and procedures please complete the form below and we will be pleased to assist you.

Fill out my online form.