Sourcing consistent, high quality funded and privately sourced learning and development for your workforce across your organisation can be hugely challenging. Dealing with many suppliers, different pricing structures, and the human factor within your supply chain can leave your business with high cost, low quality provision that needs to be constantly monitored and improved. This can lead to low performance, low staff morale and lost revenues.

WMC Training will source and supply-chain manage your entire training and development supply chain for you. We will standardise and lower rates, implement spending authorisation hierarchies, and introduce a grading system for the quality of regional and National suppliers based upon feedback from your people and supplier performance.

We will deliver cost-effective, high-quality provision across your organisation, plus, we will only charge you 8% of the money that we are able to save you as set against your last three years average training and development spend across your business.

Staff Training

WMC Training is recognised by the UK Governments Register of Approved Training providers. This means that we can access Government funding for your staff learning and development via apprenticeship funding, the Adult Education budget, employability schemes and other specific funding models and incentives to promote and support learning and development for your workforce.

Our implementation teams work directly with employers and training departments to design and deliver a bespoke package of funded and privately sourced teaching and learning and where required, nationally recognised qualifications to your workforce to bring out the very best in your entire team at all levels, from entry level to senior management. Our programs are progressive, and allow for hierarchical, continued learning, development, and achievement, supporting career development and progression for all.

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Management Academy

Our management academy has been designed to develop leaders and managers from level two to level seven ensuring your top performers have a strategic journey into your senior management team.

Participants can be enlisted at any level following our detailed analysis, programs are bespoke to theirs and your needs and aspirations. We offer the level two to level seven Institute of Leadership and management qualifications, each leading on from one another to provide a high quality, individualised learning and career journey.

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Learning Hyb

Welcome to the learning Hyb from WMC Training. Access over 1400 CPD accredited qualifications, plus monthly updated and recorded webinars from leading industry speakers on a range of hot topics specifically for you and your Childcare setting.

We have specifically chosen our courses and content to fully support you and your nursery, to bring you the very best, compliant CPD for your entire workforce.

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WMC Training Supplier Panel

Using our Vendor Neutral supply chain of independent training organisations, we incorporate a range of local popular and niche training solutions across the UK to ensure your training managers take control of your training and development budget.

We manage performance and negotiate costs, standardising your supply chain and continuously monitoring quality to ensure you benefit from excellent training at the best costs.

This service is aimed at public and private sectors, and our specialist CPD booking system allows you to add key accountability to the purchasing of training, allowing for a more accountable, more cost-effective use of your overall training budgets, ensuring your training budget is used effectively and carefully.

Let WMC Training create a bespoke teaching and learning journey for your entire workforce based upon roles and seniority, with clear learning paths for professional and career development all in one, dependable model.

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How Do Courses Work?

Learning is conducted within the workplace. Students are provided an employer mentor to support the program and are expected to utilise 20% of their work time towards achieving the qualification.

Each program blends theory with work practices and each student is assigned a personal Tutor Assessor who will visit the workplace every six to eight weeks. Further support is offered via online meetings help on ‘Go to Meeting or MS Teams, as well as webinars, seminars and study groups.

Where possible, learning days will take place for groups or individuals to undertake teaching and learning sessions and to research and develop within a teaching environment. These sessions can take place on or off site and may take place online if needed.

The Right Course ForThe Right Person

Students and employers are provided access to an e-portfolio system, plus our learning Hyb to submit work, monitor progress and undertake additional CPD to stretch and challenge. As part of the program students and employers will undertake initial assessments prior to the start of program to ensure that the program is the correct fit for the Student and that the employer can commit.

As part of our initial assessments we will undertake Maths and English assessments and, if needed Functional Skills Maths and English Qualifications will take place along side your chosen program.

Unfunded Routes

If you would like to take the stand-alone diploma at any level you can access funding for this by clicking the button below.

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Unfunded Routes

If you would like to take the stand-alone diploma at any level you can access funding for this by clicking the button below.

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